Monday, June 05, 2006

So whats next with me

Read the post of Ankan and well as every one knows all the results have been declared and m left with all kind of tension in my mind, and "god knows what will happen" attitude griping me all over well actually i have not got that much bad marks or rank but still not like what many of my frndz have got. so coming up to the post title well i dint know abt what to do many ppl are suggesting a hell lot of things and i ended up getting confused well had a good talk abt it with my parents and have decided certain options which i will be looking forward to. The biggest prb with me is that i want to take only 2 courses in my college and they r the most favourite course of many ppl getting better rank then me so m left with limited options (what i have decided). It looks like sailing in a boat with hole in it but i can see the shore near me its just like some ppl suggesting to stay in the boat it will reach there and some saying jump from it and swim u idiot. Life puts u in so much strange situations that sometimes u start thinking of it as a burden to tell u i am not in that position yet but cant say abt the future.
There are a hell lot of ppl in this country and u are from some of those fortunate ones who have got almost all facilities available good food, good school, good pocket money (which is always Little for u) but what have u done with it u have wasted it. I think this is the human tendency not to understand the importance of the things u have and always dream and only dream abt something else and it is not good. But i have not done that on a great scale that's y i am in a better position compared to others but still not at the top not even close to it. Well it is all part of ones life a person learns from his mistakes and i guess i have learned and learned well now its up to life what it throws at me and m will be ready to handle it whatever it is.

well blogging is the best way to get rid of ur tensions he he now m back to normal and hopefully remain so
Bye and enjoy life


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